Blogging and Education

October 10, 2009

Why should we use blogs in our classes? Why let our students blog?

Here are some videos concerning these topics. Hope you find them useful to start thinking about using blogs with your students.




6 Engaging Videos Advocating Better Integration of Technology in Education

September 11, 2009

These inspiring, insightful videos make the case for stepping up the integration of technology in today’s classrooms

Anyone who cares about this topic will be moved by some of these videos, and anyone who hasn’t been sold yet owes it to themselves (and the students they help to educate) to view at least a few of these, and be inspired to embrace today’s technologies in (and out of) the classroom.

  1. Michael Wesch’s A Vision of Student’s Today: If you are an educator and you haven’t seen this yet, there are some who might say you’ve been living under the proverbial rock. Professor Wesch’s outstanding (< 5 minute) video perspective on today’s students has been viewed over 3 million times, and is simply a must for this listing (and a must-see for you if you haven’t seen it already).
  2. The Future Is Now:  This widely viewed (5 min.) outstanding video is rather mesmerizing with its opening “Did You Know?” question and answer format, its propulsive music, and the onslaught of fascinating ‘factoids’. While it is not focused specifically on education, it implies the need for it, and I think I would be remiss not to include in this list.
  3. Education Technology Showcase: In this brief (< 3 min.) video, we follow a walking tour demonstration of many education technologies, which took place following a U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Education & Labor hearing on the “Future of Technology: How Technology is Transforming Public Schools”.
  4. Learning to Change – Changing to Learn: ”The US Dept of Commerce ranked 55 industry sectors by their level of IT intensiveness. Education was ranked number 55, the lowest. Below Coal Mining.” This startling statement opens this excellent (5.5 minute) video, consisting of one well spoken statement after another, woven into an insightful and thoughtful narrative supporting the undeniable need for the US educational system to seriously step up their level of technology integration. Education can lead us into the future (rather than playing ‘catch up’) and position our children, and adult learners, to excel in today’s world and the world of tomorrow.
  5. 3 Phases of Educational Technology : This (7 minute) video provides insight into how teachers typically adopt technology. I thought this was a useful inclusion here because it provides awareness of where an instructor (or educational institution as a whole) is in the cycle. Phase 1: Teacher uses technology to support/facilitate lecture; Phase 2: Students use online resources to access knowledge; Phase 3: Student becomes a producer of info (not just a consumer). Hopefully many have reached phase 3. I feel there is in fact a Phase 4 which consists of teachers and students working together, and in groups, in an interactive “community” setting to produce work, conduct research, etc. Where are you in this adoption cycle?
  6. Using Technology in Education (mental health focus):  This well done (6 1/2 min.) video is focused on mental health, and supports the idea that Internet based applications can provide a useful route for kids suffering from depression or other mental health issues to be able to reach out for help in a way that may work well for many of them.

I’ll wrap up with a ‘bonus’ video – an amusing plea from the future to fix education now (before it’s too late) – just another way of trying to make the point.

I hope you found some of these videos enjoyable and motivating, and share them with others! Have you seen any other technology-in-education videos that you found inspiring? Leve a comment!




Google Wave and education

July 22, 2009


Here’s a very nice video about Google Wave. A lot of possibilities for education (online or not) are already in my mind. What do you think about that? Leave your comment!

Check out this article  too!

Enjoy! 😉


Teaching 2.0

July 18, 2009


Here’s a very interesting video about technology and teaching 2.0. Watch ut and give yourself an opportunity to reflect on your own practice.


What have you been doing? Would you like to change anything? Share your visions with us!!

Enjoy! 😉